Neue Integrationsplattform auf Basis von QUIBIF
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"Durch den Einsatz von BizTalk in Verbindung mit QUIBIF – dem QUIBIQ Business Integration Framework konnten wir in unserem Projekt unmittelbar mit der Prozessumsetzung beginnen und hatten vom Start an eine erprobte und flexible Monitoring- und Fehlerbehandlungs-Komponente in allen Prozessen."
Ulrich Kamp,
Projektmanager Aktion Mensch e.V.

New integration platform based on QUIBIF saves on costs and resources

Aktion Mensch used a large number of distributed servers and various technologies to transmit mass data and large volumes of files between different systems. This was confusing, expensive, and - in view of the large number of new challenges of digitisation with respect to operation and further development - increasingly laborious.

The project objective: faster, more affordable, central monitoring

By introducing a new integration platform, Aktion Mensch intended to

  • replace the distributed transfer systems on their own premises,
  • standardise the heterogeneous integration technologies used for the purpose
  • in view of the large number of future integration requirements: strategically position itself in this important area.

The integration platform was to allow new requirements to be realised considerably faster in the future at significantly lower cost. Ongoing processes were to allow for central monitoring and control. 

Successful implementation based on QUIBIF

Following an intensive selection process and due to out strategic partnership with Microsoft, Aktion Mensch decided on Microsoft BizTalk Server as the integration platform. As the development service provider for the pilot and – subsequent to the successful completion of the pilot – for support for the platform, the choice fell to QUIBIQ thanks to its extensive project experience and references.

"Right from the beginning, QUIBIQ was able to show a best practice architecture for our project in the form of the QUIBIF framework as well as a construction kit of components that ensured a cost-efficient implementation and thereafter securely monitored operations." sums up Ulrich Kamp, Enterprise Architect and Project Manager for the introduction of the new integration platform. As planned, this platform was first integrated into the existing source and target systems in the scope of a pilot project. Four exemplary processes were implemented on it. 

Expectations were even exceeded

Even during the development phase of the pilot project and thanks to the modular structure with little additional effort required, five additional processes were added and realised with recovered usability. The pilot processes were then smoothly and successfully put into live operation. The central process monitoring functioned fully as in live operation from the start thanks to QUIBIF.

Aktion Mensch thus now possesses a global platform for interface management:

  • Each additional system connection, which is quickly realised thanks to the existing BizTalk adapters, makes technical consolidation and reuse easier.
  • With the QUIBIF framework, all processes are now transparently monitored from one point.

That saves significantly on costs and resources required for operation and further development.

"By using BizTalk in conjunction with the QUIBIQ Business Integration Framework QUIBIF, we were able to start our project immediately with process implementation and had a tried-and-tested, flexible monitoring and error handling component in all processes from the beginning. The QUIBIQ company gave us highly competent and results-oriented advice and support for this."

Ulrich Kamp, Project Manager
Aktion Mensch e.V.


  • BizTalk Server 


Aktion Mensch the largest private social funding organisation in Germany. Since its founding in 1964, it has passed on around €4 billion to social projects. Aktion Mensch aims to improve the living conditions of people with a disability, children and adolescents and promote inclusion in society. With the revenues from its lottery, Aktion Mensch supports up to 1,000 projects each month. This is made possible by around four million lottery participants.


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