BizTalk Server ermöglicht 360-Grad-Sicht im CRM-System von Bosch Packaging weltweit
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„Wir holen alle Daten ins System, um die 360-Grad-Sicht auf den Kunden herzustellen.“
Marc Auchter,
Application Owner CRM
Bosch Packaging Technologies

High data quality for a 360-degree view of customers

Bosch Packaging Technology faced the challenge of replacing a heterogeneous IT landscape with different systems at different locations with a central CRM system.

To meet this challenge, Bosch Packaging Technology invited the leading providers to present their offers. A delegation of sales employees from all over Europe evaluated the offers of the different providers. Microsoft secured the winning position by a wide margin.


"Different IT systems were employed. That was a challenge for data fusion", says Auchter. Bosch Packaging Technology has also always seen growth through acquisitions. "For this reason, some customers were entered multiple times in different systems. We didn't have a consistent customer database."

Among other things, there were problems unifying sales prospects or opportunities and coordinating activities. One of the goals of the system conversion was therefore to increase transparency.


For synchronisation, we employ BizTalk Server. For example, opportunities are carried over for the locations that use SAP. This means that the opportunity is created in CRM and then imported to SAP, where the offers are written and synchronised back to CRM.

Another special feature is that Bosch Packaging Technology also synchronises the machine base installed at customer sites from one of the SAP systems in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. "This is also a real-time interface", says Auchter. "As soon as a machine is created, this information is transferred immediately to CRM." Service messages are also transferred in real time.

"This way, we want to secure a 360-degree view of our customers", as Auchter explains.

Advantages for Bosch

  • Synchronisation of different systems
  • 360-degree view of customers from CRM
  • Sales employees have all the information at a glance
  • Continuous improvement of data quality


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server


With 6,200 employees, the Bosch Packaging Technology division headquartered in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, Germany is one of the leading providers of process and packaging technology.

At more than 30 locations in over 15 countries, highly qualified experts develop and produce overall solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and confectionery industry. Its product range is completed by an extensive service portfolio.

In the 2015 business year, its turnover amounted to €1.3 billion.


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