Implementierung eines Internet Service Busses (ISB) in Azure für die Geberit AG
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„Wir haben intensiv Middleware-Lösungen verschiedener Anbieter geprüft und uns dann für die Lösung von QUIBIQ entschieden: Integration as a Service - vollständig cloud-basiert und nach Bedarf.“
Gallus Römer, Head of Sales und Marketing Applications
Geberit Gruppe

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Cloud applications are on the rise everywhere. This also increases the need for their integration. Geberit, the leading European manufacturer of sanitary and piping system, is consolidating its applications consistently in the Microsoft cloud platform. For data transmission between the system landscapes, QUIBIQ implemented an Internet service bus (ISB) in Azure. This ensures an efficient, cross-application processing of sales-specific processes in real-time, thereby allowing competitive advantages through innovative Integration as a Service.


"We intensively reviewed the middleware solutions of various providers and then decided on the solution offered by QUIBIQ: Integration as a Service – entirely cloud-based and needs-based", recalls Gallus Römer, Head of Sales and Marketing Applications at the Geberit Group. "QUIBIQ was introduced to us by Microsoft as a leading provider of new, cloud-based solutions for application integration, and we felt like we were in good hands with our innovative project from the very beginning."

The Internet service bus functions as "glueware" between the ERP and the CRM systems at Geberit. The ISB expands the Microsoft cloud platform Azure to include the functions necessary for the integration of these different systems:

  • Local applications are seamlessly integrated using "plugs" so that they can securely and effectively communicate both with the cloud and with each other.
  • The messaging processes are effectively, securely and efficiently executed in Microsoft Azure.
  • A web-based interface is used to couple the different system landscapes without Geberit having to worry about setting up and running an integration server.

Advantages for Geberit

  • Integration as a Service: no licenses/operation of an integration server
  • Billing as needed
  • Seamless integration into Microsoft CRM online in Azure
  • Seamless integration into on-premises systems (SAP and non-SAP) via plugs


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM online
  • Microsoft Azure


The Geberit Group with headquarters in Jona, Switzerland offers system solutions in the areas of sanitary and piping systems.
The company's agencies are active in 41 countries and is a leading provider in sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology. The company employs around 6,200 people worldwide. Since 2012, Geberit stocks have been listed in the Swiss Market Index (SMI).


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