BizTalk Server als Glueware
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„Microsoft lieferte uns die ‹Glueware›, die es uns erst erlaubte, die einzelnen Elemente zu einer funktionierenden Gesamtlösung zusammenzufügen.“
Beat Marbach, Programmleiter
Swiss Life

BizTalk Server allows new core system as glueware of a distributed application


For the first time, a central company division did not develop a large-scale, business-critical system itself from scratch, but rather assembled it together from marketable standard software suites – a number of them from Microsoft. In only nine months, the first module was created: a highly flexible, high-performance IT system for sales support and issuing offers in its important group insurance business area. As the "glueware" that allowed the integration of the individual specialised modules into an overall solution in the first place, Microsoft technology played a major role in the success of the mega-project.

Advantages for SwissLife

Microsoft® SharePoint®, Microsoft® Exchange Server, Microsoft® SQL Server® and above all Microsoft® BizTalk® Server formed important components of the system. "Without Microsoft technology with its flexible interfaces, we would never have been able to realise this ambitious project within the set time frame. We went live on schedule and our 700 sales representatives were able to use the new platform successfully for sales after only a half-day training course," explains Beat Marbach, Programme Manager.

Achieved improvements:

  • A solution quickly and cost-effectively constructed from standard software instead of an expensive, time-consuming, high-risk in-house development
  • Faster and simpler offer creation through automated and standardised processes
  • Simple and flexible influence on system parameters
  • Markedly lower production costs thanks to underwriting without programming
  • Faster time to market 
  • Reduced complexity of the overall offer creation process
  • Increased strategic flexibility
  • Fast results thanks to iterative development


  • Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft Office Communications Server
  • Microsoft Visual Studio


SwissLife is the leader Swiss life insurer. Its most important business area is group insurance (pension funds), especially for small and medium-sized companies.

The company has 8,500 employees and manages assets to the amount of 140 billion Swiss francs


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