Your individual solution - your individual advantage

When it has to fit:

Software that meets your individual requirements

Over the course of a large number of development and integration projects, QUIBIQ has developed a deep understanding for workflows in large and medium-sized companies, especially in the following areas:

  • Materials management 
  • Master data management
  • Purchasing and calculation systems
  • Store system supply and disposal
  • Forecasting software supply
  • Logistics and RFID
  • Business intelligence and data warehousing

Where standard software reaches its limits and seamlessly integrated, cross-system applications afford a decisive advantage, QUIBIQ can generate great added value for you with the development of your custom application.

The QUIBIQ advantage

Custom software solutions that allow seamless integration

QUIBIQ develops your custom software solution according to your specific requirements

  • on the basis of a deep understanding of business-critical applications
    especially in the area retail and manufacturing 
  • on the basis of the newest Microsoft technologies
    (.Net, Azure, Data Platform) and 
  • seamlessly integrated
    into your application and system landscape 

Our custom software developments eliminate redundancies. In our solutions, we acquire the data necessary for processing where it already exists and store it where it is needed. With software solutions from QUIBIQ:

  • You control your processes as you wish (even across application boundaries)
  • You prevent double entries and redundant data management and
  • You create no new silos within your company


Custom software development

Today, a mission-critical application is not an isolated solution any more. It must not only do what it was designed to do. It must also allow seamless integration into the systems and processes of a company. We are familiar with both challenges:

  • High-quality software development
    for central applications with business-critical tasks and high requirements with respect to performance, mass data processing and process efficiency. 
  • Seamless integration
    to existing systems to ensure actual value creation
  • Offshoring as needed
    Via our connected partner company Nexion in Bolivia, we can also provide additional, affordable .Net and integration development resources for your projects in our usual quality on request.

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