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Success in digital transformation with QUBIQ integration solutions

In view of the new challenges and opportunities in the connection of people, systems and processes, the architect of today must be familiar with a wide spectrum of integration technologies and know exactly which of these to employ in the area of integration and when.

The complexity trap of point-to-point integration

The traditional solution for integration requirements was seen in point-to-point connections between the systems to be integrated.

  • The advantageof such direct connections is that they can be created easily and quickly when needed.
  • Their major disadvantage: They don't scale. With point-to-point connections, the complexity of the overall system increases exponentially with each additional individual connection (spaghetti integration dilemma).

Therefore, what was a quick solution in individual cases turns out, when viewed as a strategic approach for strong corporate growth, to be a complexity trap

EAI as the way out? Or preferably a direct flight after all?

The emergence of integration servers incited the hope of finding an ideal solution for evading the spaghetti integration dilemma: EAI - Enterprise Application Integration

  • Theoretically, an EAI hub actually does reduce the complexity
    of integration in a hub-and-spoke scenario of n x m to n connections. 
  • In practice, however, we often catch ourselves preferring a direct flight
    over changing planes in Frankfurt (as Lufthansa's hub).
    • Direct connections are always faster
    • In addition, they allow you to cut the latency of handling in the hub (figuratively: changing planes) and exclude a potential source of error

So how would it be if it were possible today to combine both worlds together:

  • the classic advantages of structured application integration
  • with the state-of-the-art possibilities afforded by the lightweight, direct connection of endpoints

And that on a platform that controls both integration types and provides them as needed: A platform that is also justifiably referred to as hybrid, as it combines the different scenarios on a single platform with uniform handling, monitoring, error handling, etc.

Make IT smart: Needs-based networking of all endpoints on a single platform

With its platform approach, Microsoft now offers the possibility of combining the two integration types on a single (hybrid) platform:

  • Enterprise Integration: The deep integration into the central applications of a company.
  • Modern integration: The simple, fast, broad and lightweight integration of a large number of endpoints outside the core systems of a company, which is becoming increasingly important today.

Speaking figuratively, you can also take a direct flight on the platform when you need to and simultaneously enjoy the advantages of monitoring and manageability of a central EAI server.

Following this holistic approach, Microsoft has combined all the capabilities required for this on a modular platform: the Microsoft integration platform.

Advantage of the platform strategy

All integration capabilities on a modular accessible as needed

The Microsoft integration platform can be used to assemble your

         IT landscape like building blocks on a platform to form a seamless whole.


All relevant integration capabilities ...

In the Microsoft integration platform, Microsoft has pooled together all relevant integration capabilities on one platform:

  • Connectivity for a wide variety of end points
  • Support for all required integration types (from mass data to low latency)
  • Processes can be controlled, automated and monitored across systems in a uniform way
  • You always have full control and transparency

... on a modular platform ...

The Microsoft integration platform has a modular structure. This allows you to select the right components for your integration project from it (and license only these components):

... provided as needed

We are happy to help you address the question of how you can utilise these building blocks individually for your specific needs. We will choose the right building blocks for your project and connect them to the right architecture as the glueware for your digital transformation.

QUIBIQ Guidance for the Microsoft Integration Platform available here

Feel free to use the QUIBIQ Guidance for the Microsoft Integration Platform to get an overview of the possibilities the Microsoft platform currently have to offer you. Learn more about the structure and components of the platform, possible application scenarios and selection criteria for the individual components, as well as an outlook on the roadmap.

Feel free to order your personal copy here!

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Why Microsoft?

Integration with Microsoft

  • Microsoft is the leader

    Rated regularly by Gartner and Forrester as the leader in the area of integration for over a decade - most recently named by Gartner "Leader in the Magic Quadrant for the Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service" (April 2018)
  • Microsoft is strategic

    Microsoft has declared seamless connectivity to the central structural principle of its digital platform - from on-premise to the cloud to the Internet of things.
  • Microsoft is complete

    Whether Enterprise Integration or lightweight services, whether IoT er legacy systems, whether low latency or mass data. Microsoft offers the complete platform for all requirements in the area of integration.


Integration with QUIBIQ

  • QUIBIQ is a specialist

    Since 2000, we have been developing integration solutions and seamlessly integrated applications on the Microsoft platform – and nothing else.
  • QUIBIQ is experienced

    Over 500 integration projects with BizTalk Server, Azure Integration Services and the Microsoft IoT Suite – we have the necessary product and project experience to make your project a success from conceptual design to implementation all the way to support.
  • QUIBIQ is competent

    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for integration and awarded for the fifth time as the worldwide Most Valuable Contributor for BizTalk Server and the integration platform.
  • QUIBIQ scales

    >70 integration specialists in Germany. And via our connected partner company Nexion in Bolivia, we can also provide additional, affordable .Net and integration development resources for your projects in our usual quality on request. 

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