EDI - ganz einfach mit BizTalk Server

EDI with BizTalk Server

Seamless data exchange with business partners

Globalisation, pressure on margins and the growing demands placed on speed in transaction processing call for an increasing electronic networking with business partners.What is required is the easy, flexible and secure electronic exchange of business documents.

EDI solutions from QUIBIQ based on the BizTalk Server can do more

With EDI solutions from QUIBIQ based on the BizTalk Server, you can

  • automate business relations with your partners and
  • simultaneously receive full transparency in the process.

But business-wide processes are more than the mere exchange of electronic documents. Behind them are processes that take on entirely different forms for the different persons involved (customers, suppliers, service providers, etc.). With a good EDI solution, you can

  • control these processes very specifically, yet via a central platform 
  • monitor them in real time not only technically, but also via the department concerned (purchasing, sales, etc.) and finally
  • evaluate them for everyone as needed.  



QUIBIQ for your EDI solution:

  • Experience from over 150 EDI projects
  • Packaged solutions for fast, affordable EDI implementation
  • Over 15 years of our own operational experience with EDI via BizTalk for major trade customers

BizTalk Server

All EDI services on a single platform

With our EDI solutions based on Microsoft BizTalk Server, we map all requirements for the automation of processes with business partners on one platform:

  • EDI message exchange in all standard formats:
    Even the standard version of Microsoft BizTalk Server support all standard XML as well as many EDI formats and protocols (e.g. EDIFACT, X12, AS2, SWIFT, RossetaNet).
  • Control of processes with external business partners
    For many processes in sales, purchasing, logistics, transactions, etc. (e.g. ORDERS, INVOIC, DESADV, SLSRPT, RECACK etc.), we have robust, legally compliant process templates that we use in projects and specifically adapt to your needs.
  • Evaluation of message content and communication
    With the Business Activity Monitoring features, you can evaluate in real time and visualise for your department both what runs through the BizTalk Server (order receipts per partner, out-of-stock-quotes per item, etc.) and when, how fast, etc. (process KPIs) – including individual alerting. 

As a result, you can achieve significant time and cost savings. You thereby receive a high-performance, flexible and expandable EDI solution that is characterised by maximum interoperability and allows full transparency.


Cut down on costs and times required for developing your EDI solution

With QUIBIS EDI, we offer a packaged product solutions for EDI integration scenarios based on the BizTalk Server. We have pooled our experience, best practices and reusable components in QUIBIS EDI into a large number of EDI projects. 

Regardless of whether they are used as a solution in their standard version (without in-house development) or whether they are used as the basis for the development of a custom solution – their use can save on development costs and significantly shorten project durations.

Overview of features:

EDI processing with BizTalk Server and QUIBIS EDI

  • Drummond zertifiziert
  • MDN, Signature, Encryption
EDI-Entwicklung in Visual Studio
  • Schema-Repository für
EDI-Konfiguration durch Admin:
  • über BizTalk Admin-Konsole
  • Vereinzelung, Batching etc.
EDI-Überwachung durch Admin:
  • über BizTalk Admin-Konsole
  • Reporting über Empfang/Versand/Status etc.
  • Interchange Handling
  • Triggering

auch für sehr hohe Performanceansprüche

Fertige Prozesstemplates
Konfiguration von EDI-Partnern und Prozessen durch Fachbereich
  • Über benutzerfreundliche Web-Oberfläche
  • Rollen- und Rechte-basierter Zugriff
durch Fachbereich:
  • Über benutzerfreundliche Web-Oberfläche
  • Rollen- und Rechte-basierter Zugriff
Archiv für Nachrichten und Verarbeitungsnachweise:
  • in Web-Oberfläche integriert
  • Rollen- und Rechte-basiert durch Fachbereich
QUIBIS X.400 Adapter:
  • technisch voll integriert
  • mit 50% Preisvorteil zusätzlich lizenzierbar
Seeburger(c) Map Converter verfügbar:
Automatisierte Migration von Seeburger(c) Mappings nach BizTalk und Azure


QUIBIS EDI allows you:

  • Lower development costs
  • Shorter project duration
  • Fewer operational IT tasks
    thanks to the integration of the specialist department via the web interface
  • Archiving of messages and documents
  • Traceability through specialist department
  • Meeting of legal requirements for invoicing procedures
  • Flexible adaptability

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