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Competitive advantage of hybrid connectivity

All integration capabilities united on a single strategic platform

In our networked world, connectivity has become a decisive competitive advantage.
It decides

  • how many points of contact I have to my customers
  • how efficiently I can convert these into business transactions 
  • how exact my information is about this.

And if this is increasingly taking place in the cloud, then integration has to go there too.

Successful companies therefore use a strategic integration platform
to create the conditions for the digital transformation of tomorrow.


By 2022, 65% of large companies will have implemented a hybrid integration platform.

Massimo Pezzini
Research Vice President, Gartner

Advantage of the platform strategy

Hybrid integration with the Microsoft integration platform

Microsoft offers the complete strategic basic technology for your company-specific hybrid integration platform: the hybrid Microsoft integration platform.


BizTalk Server and Azure Integration Services

Core components of the hybrid Microsoft integration platform

While deep integration into important applications of an enterprise (enterprise application integration) will always remain an important factor, a new area is becoming increasingly important: the board, lightweight integration of a large number of endpoints outside the core systems of the enterprise (modern integration).  The challenge is to use both and to be able to combine them together seamlessly on a single platform.

With BizTalk Server and Azure Integration Services, Microsoft offers a complete platform.

  • BizTalk Server: The leading enterprise integration server – now also available in the cloud
  • Azure Integration Services: All the components you need for modern integration in and with the cloud
    • Logic Apps
    • API Management
    • Service Bus 
    • Event Grid

Modular structure and seamless interplay

All integration capabilities on one platform for needs-based, Custom solutions

Since the first version released in 2000, Microsoft has been developing the BizTalk Server continuously to become the high-performance, central integration component in the Microsoft platform. With an installed basis of over 13,000 customers in all sectors and company sizes, the BizTalk Server is today the most widespread integration service on the market. Due to its large scope of features and its attractive price/performance ratio, Gartner has designated the BizTalk Server as the value leader among integration servers.

Areas of application

One for all: With BizTalk Server you can cover all the areas in which businesses of today have a need for integration with a single tool

  • ESB – Enterprise Service Bus solutions
    ESB solutions are used for a fast, simple, dynamically self-adapting (and thus referred to as lightweight) exchange of data between a wide variety of systems on the basis of a service-oriented architecture – the focus here being on speed: How easily can the connection be made? How quickly can the data be sent?
  • EAI – Enterprise Application Integration solutions
    EAI solutions are used to map business processes in all complexities and depths imaginable. The focus here is on workflow control according to individual requirements of any desired complexity: Where does data collect, where and when? Who needs this data in which form? How must the data be enriched, etc.? 
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
    EDI solutions are used to exchange data, usually business documents like orders, delivery notes, invoices, but also master data, with business partners using standards such as EDIFACT/X12, VDA etc.

Function modules

BizTalk Server has all the essential components for setting up an integration solution:

  • Messaging Engine
    for mapping the complete message processing,
  • Orchestration Engine
    for executing flexibly designable business processes,
  • B2B integration
    for the individually configured EDI connection of business and trade partners,
  • Business rules
    for assigning business rules for the flexible control of processes,
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
    for logging relevant technical and functional data to be determined and provided quickly and reliably and
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
    for the development and management of complex RFID solutions.

Moreover, there are numerous tools and management boards for managing and monitoring the BizTalk Server out of the box as well as global tools for the development of complex BizTalk applications.


Connectivity out of the box: BizTalk Server above all boasts a complete set of adapters for the seamless connection of a wide variety of systems.

Here is an excerpt from a list of adapters that are all delivered as a standard with each edition:

Technical adapters

  • File
  • FTP (FTPS)
  • HTTP(s)
  • MSMQ
  • POP3
  • SFTP
  • SMTP
  • SOAP
  • WCF
  • WCF-BasicHttpRelay (Service Bus relay)
  • WCF-NetTcpRelay
  • WCF-WebHttp (REST)
  • MQSeries
  • Windows SharePoint Services
  • TCP/IP socket

System adapters (LoB Line of business adapters)

  • mySAP Business Suite
  • WCF-SQL (SQL Server)
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Siebel eBusiness Applications
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise
  • JD Edwards OneWorld XE
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • TIBCO Rendezvous
  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service


  • HIPAA Accelerator for HL7
  • Accelerator for RosettaNet
  • Accelerator for SWIFT

Host Integration Server

  • Adapter for Host Applications
  • DB2
  • Informix DB
  • WebSphere MQ
  • Host files

Logic Apps

Connect your business-critical apps and services with Azure Logic Apps and automate your workflows without writing a single line of code.

  • Visual creation of business processes and workflows
  • Integration into SaaS and enterprise applications
  • Draw maximum profit from local and cloud-based applications
  • Automate EAI, B2B/EDI and business processes
  • Use all Microsoft cloud services to expand your integration solutions

Over 200 connectors to SaaS and on-premises applications available.



API Management

Use Azure API Management as an immediately usable solution for

  • publishing APIs for external and internal customers.
  • creating consistent and state-of-the-art API gateways for existing back-end services that can be hosted throughout the world.
  • protecting services from misuse of excessive use
  • gaining insight into use and integrity

Moreover, you can automate and scale the onboarding of developers to complete your API programs more quickly.


Service Bus

Reliable cloud-based Messaging-as-a-Service (MaaS) and simple hybrid integration. Azure Service Bus offers you

  • a highly reliable could messaging service between applications and services – even when several of them are offline.
  • a managed service available in every Azure region
  • decoupling through asynchronous messaging
  • flexible broker messaging between client and service and structured First-in First-out messaging (FIFO)
  • functions for publishing/subscription – ideal for tasks like order processing




Event Grid

Simplify your event-based apps with this cloud service that manages the routing of all events from any desired sources to any desired objectives. The Event Grid

  • is designed for high
  • availability, consistent
  • performance and dynamic scaling.

Stop worrying about your infrastructure and concentrate fully on your app logic.


Now updated according to the 2020 roadmap 

QUIBIQ Guidance for the Microsoft Integration Platform available here

Feel free to use the QUIBIQ Guidance for the Microsoft Integration Platform to get an overview of the possibilities the Microsoft platform currently have to offer you. Learn more about the structure and components of the platform, possible application scenarios and selection criteria for the individual components, as well as an outlook on the roadmap.

Feel free to order your personal copy here!

Request your copy (available only in German) here

I consent to the processing of my data for the purpose of sending information. I am aware that I can revoke this declaration at any time by means of a simple message.

Why hybrid?

Connect hybrid integration platforms

  • all points of contact to customers, systems, business partners and devices on a single platform
  • all capabilities for seamless, continuous processes between these: from mass data exchange to deep application integration and B2B to low latency
  • all provision locations: from on-premises to the cloud all the way to IoT
  • transparent monitoring  across system and corporate boundaries at a central point

Why Microsoft?

Integration with Microsoft

  • Microsoft is the leader

    Rated regularly by Gartner and Forrester as the leader in the area of integration for over a decade - most recently named by Gartner "Leader in the Magic Quadrant for the Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service" (April 2018)
  • Microsoft is strategic

    Microsoft has declared seamless connectivity to the central structural principle of its digital platform - from on-premise to the cloud to the Internet of things.
  • Microsoft is complete

    Whether Enterprise Integration or lightweight services, whether IoT er legacy systems, whether low latency or mass data. Microsoft offers the complete platform for all requirements in the area of integration.


Integration with QUIBIQ

  • QUIBIQ is a specialist

    Since 2000, we have been developing integration solutions and seamlessly integrated applications on the Microsoft platform – and nothing else.
  • QUIBIQ is experienced

    Over 500 integration projects with BizTalk Server, Azure Integration Services and the Microsoft IoT Suite – we have the necessary product and project experience to make your project a success from conceptual design to implementation all the way to support.
  • QUIBIQ is competent

    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for integration and awarded for the fifth time as the worldwide Most Valuable Contributor for BizTalk Server and the integration platform.
  • QUIBIQ scales

    >70 integration specialists in Germany. And via our connected partner company Nexion in Bolivia, we can also provide additional, affordable .Net and integration development resources for your projects in our usual quality on request. 

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