smart to be connected - connected to be smart

If data is the oil of the 21st century,
how about your ability to tap it at the different sources,
and make it available where it's needed?

Connectivity as competitive edge

We create the good connections for you that you will need in the future

The new technological possibilities are radically changing the business world. Under the heading "digital transformation", successful companies are currently going through a process of change with the intention of opening up the competitive advantages afforded by it: 

  • Providing services in the cloud
    (not only publicly, but also managed in a targeted way),
  • Automating processes across systems
    from the customer and/or business partner to the back end,
  • Centrally evaluating measurement data from devices
  • Testing with the tools of artificial intelligence and, in turn,
  • controlling devices in real time

This increases the complexity of the IT landscape exponentially – and the need for integration accordingly. Successful companies therefore use a strategic integration platform to create the conditions for the digital transformation of tomorrow.


All services for success in the API economy from one source

Integration has been our focus since our founding in 2000 We offer you services in our special field where we have collected experience from over 500 projects with the Microsoft integration platform

  • all services in the area of integration
    • Consulting
    • Conceptual design
    • Development
    • Training
    • Support
  • at the highest level of quality
    awarded with the highest Microsoft certification level 
  • from one source
    • >70 employees
    • 6 locations

This allows us to generate the connectivity you need for success in the API economy of tomorrow: the basis for your digital transformation.

Our products and services

Enterprise Integration

Your integration solution: From simple system integration
to a company-wide hybrid integration platform
– seamless solutions from the back-end to the Internet of things.

Hybrid integration platforms

EAI / ESB solutions

EDI / B2B solutions

IoT solutions

Custom software development

Custom software solutions
that still allow
seamless integration


Affordable and quality-assured scaling of your projects
with our offshore resources in Bolivia



Affordable and quality-assured scaling of your projects
with our offshore resources in Bolivia



Training courses

for development and operation of the Microsoft integration platform

(BizTalk Server and Azure Integration Services)


Product solutions

Cut down on cost and time in the development of your solution with product solutions that have been tried and tested many times



SLAs up to 24 x7 thanks to qualified support engineers in the area of integration


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