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Experienced and reliable architects (m/f/o) wanted

In the area of architecture, responsibility must be taken for designing the optimal solution for the problems of our demanding customers in the networked corporate world of today and tomorrow. This demands not only technical competence, but also professional understanding and above all creativity in order to create connections between people, systems and processes that our customers did not previously consider possible.

Our Solution Architects

  • record the requirements of our customers in a systematic way
  • design robust, innovative and economically attractive solutions for these requirements
  • take charge of coordination with our customers and the technical experts in the area of development
  • are responsible for implementation by the development team

Our current career opportunities in the area of architecture

Your duties

  • You record the requirements of our customers in a systematic way
  • You develop innovative solution architectures for these requirements 
  • You authoritatively coordinate their implementation internally and externally
  • You reliably develop the solution with your team in time, in budget and in scope.

Your profile

  • Building on the technical expertise of a Lead Developer, you have continued to expand on your knowledge in the area of solution design so that you 
    • are not only a technical expert in a defined area of development of state-of-the-art software solutions, but are also
    • capable of recording technical requirements and addressing them by designing the right solution architecture
  • You already have experience in managing smaller projects and want to assume responsibility for more complex or extensive tasks

Your duties

  • You support and advise our customers in their digital transformation  
  • You record even the complex requirements of our customers in a systematic way
  • For this purpose, you develop suitable innovative solution architectures and reliably assess major projects 
  • You put together suitable teams for the various tasks and are responsible for the implementation of even large-scale, complex solutions 

Your profile

  • You have further developed the conceptual skills of an architect through independent further education, training and Microsoft certifications and above all through practical project work so that you
    • can develop solutions even for complex requirements
    • can manage implementation in larger, distributed teams and
    • can coordinate this implementation on par with the technical experts and specialists of our customers
  • You are the responsible contact person in your special field for Microsoft and
    • assess the quality of new developments from Microsoft
    • provide input for future development opportunities

Your duties

  • In addition to the duties of a Senior Architect, you contribute to the strategic development of our company
    • by selecting technologies that we want to rely on in the future in the development of solutions
    • by determining the further training needs of our employees and recommending suitable measures
    • by integrating innovations into our product range
    • by improving our internal workflows and structures in the area of project management
  • You assume full responsibility for our flagship projects

Your profile

  • You have collected extensive experience in our future technologies
  • You can assume responsibility for customers, employees and topic areas
  • You would like to share your expertise and experience and contribute them to our product solutions and strategic development


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Next steps

Your application process

  • Please send your application documents to our contact person by e-mail
  • We arrange an initial telephone appointment to get to know each other
  • We cordially invite you to visit us for a personal interview
  • Finally, in a short assessment, you demonstrate how far you have already trained and expanded on your skills
  • We make the necessary arrangements for your start at QUIBIQ


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Ebru Karatas
Tel. +49 - 711 - 99 765 - 115


Leo Martens
Tel. +49 - 30 - 555 70 14 - 44

Waren (Müritz)

Tino Reichel
Tel: +49 (30) – 555 7014 – 10 
Email: tino.reichel(at) 


Senta Barthel
Tel. 040 - 7166 117 - 11
Email: hamburg(at)


Mirko Dobermann
Tel. +49 - 381 - 66 09 81 - 20


Raúl Checa
Tel. 0741 – 2090 8625  
Email: raul.checa(at)

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