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Stuttgart - home of integration experts

Where it all began in 2000

QUIBIQ: quick - big - quality

In 2000, Felix Weil founded the company QUIBIQ in Stuttgart together with friends and partners. E-commerce was booming at the time, and even then, the vision they shared was to realise the easy and quick handling of transactions among business partners to afford the big competitive advantages of electronic commerce for all companies, and that with a high standard of quality leadership.



Stuttgart: not only Benz-Town

The big e-commerce boom of the year 2000 may be over (and of the car as we know it, which once made Stuttgart big, too). But our city continues to flourish – a true insider tip, especially culturally and socially. We appreciate the high quality of living that is still affordable here and the great cultural scene – e.g. as the birthplace of Fanta4 or the brave architectural designs, including the Opera House of the Year of 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2006 and 2016 - a little something for everyone.


Room to work

We develop good connections here

Our office is a refurbished warehouse in Vaihingen, Stuttgart. Connections are created here that not only our customers appreciate, but we too. Here, we simply move around the tables as we need them – not only to work in the same room, but truly to work together as a team on the challenging solutions for our customers. Or we relax together with a game of tabletop football or fire up the grill in the courtyard ... . Would you rather work at your home office, prefer not to work full time or would like to work in a special area? Let's talk about it. We'll find a solution



Develop yourself

We want to be global leaders in what we do. That means that we have to keep developing ourselves. We offer this opportunity: through training courses, internal knowledge bases, blogs, cultivating communication across all our locations, and of course through development on the job. With us, you can take on increasing responsibility – for projects, teams, or technologies in which you become an expert. This way, we shape our growth.



We also maintain "good connections" with each other

In Stuttgart, we often work across locations to develop with colleagues from other offices, exchange ideas, maintain friendships and, above all, grow together. Once per year, we finally get together for the annual hackathon, choose an exciting topic and do together what we love doing the most (during or after work ;-)


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