QUIBIQ Management Team

QUIBIQ purely owner-operated 

At each location in Germany and Switzerland, members of the management are available to handle your request: leading expert in the field of integration who can draw on many years of experience with the Microsoft platform and who can make competent statements to address your specific concerns.


Dr. Felix Weil - Managing Director

In May 2000, Felix Weil founded the company QUIBIQ as Managing Partner. Today his focus lies on the consulting of firms in how they can achieve competitive advantages through better integration solutions in the networked corporate world of tomorrow.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Raith - Managing Director

Thanks to the many years of experience that Peter Raith has gained from projects and customer relations that he has managed since the foundation of QUIBIQ, he has now become the expert for integration in commerce. He knows the specific requirements in the commercial sector and all the right solutions on the Microsoft platform that make our customers faster and more efficient.

Michael Bäuerle - Managing Director

Since QUIBIQ's foundation, Michael Bäuerle has been responsible for the integral execution of demanding customer projects. As a result, he is now the expert for addressing how customer-specific integration requirements can be implemented on the Microsoft platform in a technologically optimal way. He is therefore also active for Microsoft in this area as Partner Technology Solution Professional (PTSP) and Technology Advisor.

Thomas Kern - Authorised Representative

With over 10 years of project experience, Thomas Kern's areas of competence range from Azure to a wide variety of forms of integration with BizTalk both for exchanging mass data and in the scope of service-oriented architectures to the development of complex, highly integrated custom applications. Thomas Kern works as Lead Architect to supervise highly complex projects and is responsible for relations with highly demanding customers.


Leo Martens - Managing Director

For over 7 years, Leo Martens has been active in his most recent position as Lead Architect and is thus the mastermind behind a large number of integration projects and product developments at QUIBIQ in Stuttgart. An expert - if not the expert - for integration on the Microsoft platform in Germany. In April 2016, he assumed responsibility for the management at QUIBIQ in Berlin.

Tino Reichel - Managing Director

Tino Reichel – at the time still a freelancer – first got to know QUIBIQ in the summer of 2015. Before that, he had already been active as a consultant and developer for various Microsoft technologies from 2008 onwards. The exciting issues related to integration on the Microsoft platform fascinated the M.Sc. in computer science to such a degree, however, that he entered the management of QUIBIQ in Berlin in January 2018 following a large number of joint projects.


Christian Brückner - Managing Director

Christian Brückner has been developing professional software since 1996 – first in Java/EJB and, starting in 2001, above all in .NET. He also developed himself in two areas during his education, earning both a computer science degree and an MBA. He discovered his predilection for complex integration with BizTalk as a software developer for EAI and EDI solutions with RESCO. Today he designs sophisticated solutions in his assumed roles of architect and project manager in this area.

Christoph Hanser - Managing Director

In 1997, Christoph Hanser already founded a start-up in the web sector that he continued until the end of his studies in business informatics in Mannheim, Berlin and Uppsala. Since 2006, he has implemented integration projects Europe-wide with BizTalk, SQL Server and .NET. Today he works together with our customers to plan how their different system can be more efficiently connected.


Mirko Dobermann - Managing Director

As a staunch .NET fan from the very beginning, Mirko Dobermann can draw from a long project history with Microsoft technology. He is very well-known to many colleagues in the Microsoft community in Germany from his active commitment. His special field - integration - has accompanied the engineering graduate from the beginning. With his distinct expertise in BizTalk, he was already successful in winning over renowned customers in Europe while he was still a freelancer. 


Tommy Bauhammer - Managing Director (CEO)

Tommy Bauhammer received a diploma in Economics in Hohenheim. After working at QUIBIQ in Stuttgart for 5 years, he took on changing jobs on a freelance basis as a project manager and architect in the scope of large integration projects. Today, he is the Managing Director and CEO of QUIBIQ in Switzerland.

Remo Weber - Managing Director (COO)

With his apprenticeship as an IT specialist and his studies of Economics at the ZHAW School of Management and Law in his home city of Winterthur, Remo Weber is at home both in IT and in business. His strengths are the analysis and conceptual design of complex solutions. He already put these strengths to the test in many IT integration projects - most recently as person in charge of introducing the large CRM integration platform of a Swiss global player. He is active at QUIBIQ in Switzerland as Chief Operating Officer.

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