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QUIBIQ product solutions


Are you planning an integration solution based on BizTalk or Azure? With us you have the choice:

  • We are happy to develop your solution individually
    in the scope of a project according to your individual requirements.
  • We develop your integration solution based on QUIBIF
    QUIBIF – the QUIBIQ Business Integration Framework – is our tried-and-tested framework with templates and best practice components for your integration solution. We adapt it in a simple, flexible and customised way to your needs or
  • You use QUIBIS - our Business Integration Suite with ready-made product solutions 
    for classic integration scenarios such as EDI, X.400 communication, etc. with all full-range out-of-the-box features.

Added value

QUIBIQ product solutions
offer clear advantages

  • Lower development costs
  • Shorter project durations
  • Tried-and-tested, robust architecture
  • Flexible expandability

QUIBIF - The QUIBIQ Business Integration Framework

Implement custom BizTalk solutions based on best practices faster

For a quick start with ready-made, flexibly adaptable solution components that have been tried and tested in many projects.

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QUIBIF consists of 

  • Best practice architecture 
    for integration solutions based on Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Best practice components 
    that can be used on a modular basis for a large number of tasks within your own solution
    • Monitoring 
    • Manage metadata 
    • Error handling 
    • Manage notifications
    • Define configuration values 
    • Define queues
    • Assign numbering rules
  • Questionnaires and checklists for each step of the way towards your own solution


QUIBIF offers advantages for various groups

  • Developers
    can save a lot of time in implementation and gain security through the use of tried-and-tested, robust components
  • Administrators
    can efficiently secure the operation of your BizTalk Server environment and find and solve errors more quickly
  • Users
    obtain a needs-based overview of their messages and can track their history online
  • Businesses
    enjoy the benefits of robust, field-tested architectures, shorter project durations and complete solutions

QUIBIS - QUIBIQ Business Integration Suite

Ready-made product solutions for classic BizTalk scenarios

In the QUIBIQ Business Integration Suite (QUIBIS), we pooled the best practices for frequently recurring scenarios that were tried and tested in a large number of BizTalk projects to form packaged product solutions.

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QUIBIS Business Integration Suite:


EDI made truly simple:
QUIBIS EDI expands BizTalk Server into a complete EDI solution.


EDI made truly simple:
QUIBIS EDI expands BizTalk Server into a complete EDI solution.


EDI made truly simple:
QUIBIS EDI expands BizTalk Server into a complete EDI solution.


QUIBIS EDI Map Converter
automatically transforms Seeburger mappings into BizTalk mappings


QUIBIS X.400 Adapter
allows seamless X.400 communication from the BizTalk Server


allows seamless WebDAV communication from the BizTalk Server


Using QUIBIQ offers clear advantages:

  • Considerable reduction of product durations 
  • Significant savings of development costs
  • Robust, administration-friendly basic architecture
  • Solutions tried and tested many times
  • Flexibly and individually adaptable and expandable

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