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QUIBIQ Business Integration Framework

QUIBIF is our framework for successful integration projects

We developed QUIBIF - the QUIBIQ Business Integration Framework - on the basis of over 18 years of experience from over 500 integration projects. With its

  • best practice architectures for various integration scenarios,
  • many templates and
  • ready-made components for frequently required functions,

QUIBIF ensures that even complex integration scenarios can be successfully implemented: in time, in scope and in budget. A custom integration solution is thereby generated without the risk involved with a new custom development.

The QUIBIF - QUIBIQ Business Integration Framework

  • saves on project costs
  • lowers project risk
  • offers the basis for the flexibility and scalability of your individual BizTalk solution

QUIBIF modules - freely employable, combinable and adaptable

QUIBIF pools the expertise from hundreds of projects where it is ready for use in the form of a modular system

  • Monitoring via a web interface – rendering technical access via the admin console of the BizTalk Server unnecessary
  • Metadata – simple definition of message content for monitoring: Do you want to search, sort, etc. by invoice number, item or customer number? No problem!
  • Error handling – uniform error handling that can be latched onto any process as code snippets
  • Notifications – easy to configure, instead of encoding every time: who should be notified, when and how.
  • Configuration values – easily done from an interface instead of the admin console
  • Queues: sequential processing of certain messages required (e.g. header and items) – easily enabled – without added programming in BizTalk
  • Numberings: uniform reference IDs for messages can be assigned automatically

With these modules, QUIBIF makes the development of your own BizTalk integration platform faster, more efficient and more robust.

QUIBIF with user interface 

Simple operation via web application

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QUIBIF consists of 

  • Best practice architecture 
    for integration solutions based on Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Best practice components 
    that can be used on a modular basis for a large number of tasks within your own solution
    • Monitoring 
    • Manage metadata 
    • Error handling 
    • Manage notifications
    • Define configuration values 
    • Define queues
    • Assign numbering rules
  • Questionnaires and checklists for each step of the way towards your own solution


QUIBIF offers advantages for various groups

  • Developers
    can save a lot of time in implementation and gain security through the use of tried-and-tested, robust components
  • Administrators
    can efficiently secure the operation of your BizTalk Server environment and find and solve errors more quickly
  • Users
    obtain a needs-based overview of their messages and can track their history online
  • Businesses
    enjoy the benefits of robust, field-tested architectures, shorter project durations and complete solutions

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