QUIBIS EDI macht EDI einfach

EDI made truly simple

QUIBIS EDI expands the BizTalk Server into a professional EDI solution

Since version 2006 R2, Microsoft BizTalk Server offers integrated EDIFACT and X12 processing components. These can be used to map even complex EDI processes according to individual requirements. 

From these components, we have developed QUIBIS EDI. QUIBIS EDI pools the experiences and best practices from QUIBIQ from a large number of EDI projects to form a complete basic EDI system. QUIBIS EDI expands BizTalk into an

  • EDI platform whose standard version can be used professionally that
  • can be flexibly and individually adapted and expanded.

Complete basic system for the development of in-house EDI processes

QUIBIS EDI can function as a complete basic system for the in-house development of individual EDI processes. Important components that belong to efficient, professional EDI processing are already included:

  • Easy configuration of EDI processes in a web application 
    based on templates
  • Assignment to EDI partners possible through the relevant department
  • Archiving components within EDI message processing through the BizTalk-Server
  • Message tracking (current and in archive) by department in user-friendly web application:
    cuts down on frequent queries to the IT department about the status of individual messages
  • Completely integrated X.400 adapter 
    Display and archiving of proofs of delivery in the web interface and in the archive

Simple start possible without in-house development

Standard EDI processes like ORDERS, ORDRSP, DESADV, INVOICE are mapped in the standard version of QUIBIS EDI. These can be used in a simple, legally compliant and traceable way for sending and receiving EDI messages with no in-house development required.



QUIBIS EDI offers clear advantages:

  • Lower development costs
  • Shorter project duration
  • Fewer operational IT tasks
    thanks to the integration of the specialist department via the web interface
  • Archiving
    of messages and documents
  • Traceability
    through specialist department
  • Meeting of legal requirements for invoicing procedures
  • Flexible adaptability

Example project

Wittenstein AG relies on QUIBIS EDI

"The essential advantage for us is the fast and flexible integration of business partners without added IT development costs.

Armin Burger
IT Project Manager


Wittenstein AG operates a Baan IV System and had the requirement of building up EDI routes with new business partners in a prompt and cost-efficient way.

Wittenstein decided on the Microsoft BizTalk Server in conjunction with QUIBIS EDI in order to get a fast start on the basis of tried-and-tested technologies and best practices. While QUIBIS EDI allowed the easy configuration of EDI processes from the technical department on the basis of the included templates, the QUIBIQ system - thanks to its flexible architecture - could be expanded very efficiently to accommodate the complex Baan interface.

This meant that a complete EDI solution including legally compliant invoice processing could be put into operation at Wittenstein within a very short period of time.

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