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QUIBIS EDI Map Converter for Seeburger

Efficient, reliable and error-free replacement of Seeburger®

With QUIBIS EDI Map Converter for Seeburger, we can convert Seeburger mappings to XSLT in a program-supported way, thereby migrating your mappings in a very short time and in assured quality to BizTalk or Azure.

  • Previously, it took developers multiple days to re-develop a Seeburger mapping for BizTalk.
  • Now it only takes a few hours including preparation and follow-up for our developers to transfer your Seeburger mapping, be it EDWin, BIS5 or BIS6, to the newest Microsoft platforms.
  • And this excludes human mistakes from carelessness made during manual conversion.

"We already had great success with this with our first customer. Instead of the originally planned complexity of approx. 80 man-days for the conversion of 30 highly extensive mappings, we were able to convert these to 19 man-days. That means only a fourth of the originally planned expenditure!" as Christoph Hanser, who is responsible for the development of the Seeburger Map Converter at QUIBIQ Hamburg GmbH, is happy to report.


The QUIBIS EDI Seeburger® Map Converter gives you clear advantages when migrating from Seeburger

Much less effort required than with a manual migration
  • Savings up to a factor of 4
  • Only a few hours per Seeburger map including preparation and follow-up
More precise cost estimate
No more "careless mistakes"


Reference customers wanted

We are looking for three pilot reference customers to write a success story with together: Let's talk about your Seeburger environment and your mappings and we will send you a cost estimate for your migration.

The best part: As a reference customer, you get to use the Map Converter in this case free of charge!


Savings when converting Seeburger to BizTalk from projects:

  • ORDERS out: -67%
  • ORDERS in: -70%
  • INVOIC out: -69%
  • REMADV in: -80%

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Christoph Hanser

QUIBIQ Hamburg GmbH
Am Sandtorkai 76
D-20457 Hamburg
Tel. 040 - 040 - 7166 117 - 00

Email: christoph.hanser(at)


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