WebDav mit BizTalk

QUIBIS WebDAV Adapter - free of charge for the community

Access a WebDAV server with BizTalk

The QUIBIS WebDAV Adapter allows you to do just this with no in-house development: To send messages from BizTalk to a WebDAV server or receive them from a WebDAV server.

While the problem of accessing WebDAV can be partially solved with HTTP adapters, as well – it becomes more difficult for access with a certificate. For this purpose, we developed the WebDAV Adapter. It can be used to set up WebDAV communication including authentication by means of the configuration in BizTalk.

Exactly what you need? We are happy to provide you with the WebDAV Adapter free of charge. Simply request the download link from your contact person.

Range of features

Authenticated WebDAV communication configurable in BizTalk Server


Current version

The standard QUIBIS WebDAV Adapter currently offers the following features - very simply configurable via the adapter with no development required:

  • Transmission to WebDAV server
    with specification of encodings
  • Receipt from WebDAV server
    with specification of interval, file mask, encoding
  • Authentication upon transmission or receipt
    with basic authentication or client certificate authentication


Expansions planned for the next version

  • Authentication with Windows Authentication
  • Macros for the file name
  • Expanded error handling

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Christoph Hanser

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