X.400 nahtlos mit BizTalk

QUIBIS X.400 WCF Adapter:

Seamlessly integrated X.400 communication directly from BizTalk Server

Many EDI transmissions between business partners are made on the basis of the X.400 Telebox system. As BizTalk Server does not natively support the X.400 protocol, third-party software is often used. However, this complicates the configuration of X.400 message transmission, as this is not possible to do within BizTalk. Furthermore, the further processing, for example, of the transmission protocol is not possible directly in BizTalk. 

For this reason, QUIBIQ developed the QUIBIS X.400 WCF Adapter for BizTalk Server:

  • completely integrated into BizTalk Server
  • configurable from the BizTalk Server
  • direct further processing of the transmission protocol (for error handling, archiving the proof of delivery, etc.)

QUIBIS X.400 makes the previously complex X.400 configuration in BizTalk Server entirely easy.

Complete support of the X.400 protocol

QUIBIS X.400 supports all P7 protocol functions. All Telebox settings can be easily configured in the send port, making the previously complex X.400 configuration process much simpler. The direct integration also allows for seamless integration into the BizTalk Server error handling.

Features of the QUIBIS X.400 Adapter

Seamless X.400 message transmission to BizTalk Server

X.400 message transmission

Configuration of all X.400 parameters directy in the BizTalk send port
Direct provision of the transmission protocol as response:
  • Template orchestration for processing
  • Provided as Infopath - including original message
Retry mechanism at X.400 protocol level:
  • prevents double transmissions

X.400 message receipt:

Freely configurable retrieval in the BizTalk receive location:
  • all messages and
  • all protocols
Evaluation of delivery reports:
  • Provision of all information in Adapter database
  • Further processing for error handling, archiving, etc.


Michael Bäuerle

Heßbrühlstr. 11
D-70565 Stuttgart
Tel. 0711 - 99 765 - 450

Email: michael.baeuerle(at)quibiq.de



QUIBIS X.400 offers clear advantages:

  • Seamlessly integrated into BizTalk Server
  • No third-party software required
  • Direct configuration of all X.400 parameters in BizTalk
  • Direct further processing of transmission protocol in BizTalk

Example project

REWE 'Für Sie' relies on QUIBIS X.400 

"Using QUIBIS X.400 considerably cut the administrative costs for the BizTalk EDI solution. Thanks to the seamless processing and provision of transmission protocols, the department can respond in a qualified way to queries."

Lars Weiler
Head of IT, REWE Für Sie eG


The seamless integration of X.400 message communication into the EDI solution of RFS allows for the following scenario:

  • Step 1: ERP sends invoices to BizTalk Server for EDI processing
  • Step 2: BizTalk Server converts and batches these to an EDI message, which is sent directly via the QUIBIQ X.400 WCF Adapter to the Telebox of the partner.
  • Step 3: The adapter response with the X.400 transmission status is evaluated in BizTalk and the original EDI message is sent to the customer archive system.
  • Step 4: The BizTalk Server sends the Telebox transmission status of all invoices including an archive reference to the EDI file to ERP.
  • Step 5: The department can now themselves view the transmission status of all invoices and the original EDI message directly in ERP without having to leave ERP.

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