BizTalk and Sharepoint - better together

The holistic picture of business nowadays means the seamless interaction of people and systems.

Advantage: the platform

You efficiently achieve the smooth connection of them on the Microsoft platform by the combination of Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server:

  • BizTalk Server connects the different application systems on technical base. The respective B2B- and EAI-processes are merged by BizTalk Server.
  • All information and documents are represented visualized on the SharePoint Server. We create for the corresponding teams or people a central communications and working platform. There is the information and documents that are relevant for you and you have also the opportunities to retrieve, edit and store them on these platforms.


The holistic illustration of business processes

Through the full technology stack, processes within the Microsoft platform can be efficiently and seamlessly mapped. The ideal complement to your specific core systems to efficiently integrate your employees.