Advantages of QUIBIQ:

  • Experiences from a variety of EDI projects
  • Packaged solutions


EDI with BizTalk Server: Seamless cooperation with business partners

Globalization, reduced margins and the growing demand to speed up your business processes and network with your business partners. Business documents should be easily, flexibly and securely exchanged in an electronic way.


EDI solutions by QUIBIQ based on BizTalk Server can do more

With EDI solutions from QUIBIQ on BizTalk Server, you can

  • automate business relationships with your Partners and
  • receive full transparency at the same time.

Processes across companies are more than just the exchange of electronic documents. Behind the operations there are processes that are different for every partner group (customers, supplier, service etc.). With a good EDI solution you can control them in one specific way and over one central platform. In addition you can monitor your business processes and allow evaluation and optimization.


All EDI services on one platform

Microsoft BizTalk Server supports all features for the automation of processes with business partners on one platform:

  • EDI message exchange in any format:
    Already in the standard Microsoft BizTalk Server supports all common XML and EDI formats and protocols (for example: EDIFACT, X12, EANCOM Subsets, SWIFT, RosettaNet).
  • Control over all processes with extern business partners
    For many typical processes in the marketing, purchase, logistic, payment etc. (for example: ORDERS, INVOIC, DESADV, SLSRPT, RECACK etc.) we have robust and legal compliant process templates which we use in our projects and to adapt them to your needs.
  • Evaluation of messages and message submissions
    With the Business Activity Monitoring functions you can evaluate in real-time and visualize in your department. As a result you ensure smooth and fully automated business relationships with your partners, keep the overview all in all you can realize significant time and cost savings. You’ll get a powerful, flexible and extensible EDI solution, which highly interoperable and enables full transparency.


Packaged EDI product solutions save costs and time in the development

We offer with QUBIS EDI and QUIBIS X400 packaged product solutions for EDI integration scenarios. In that case we have bundled our experiences, best practices and reusable components from a huge number of EDI projects.

It doesn’t matter if our products are used as they are or as basis for the development of a customized solution. Using our products can save development costs and significantly shorten project duration.

Paketierte EDI-Produktlösungen sparen Kosten und Zeit in der Entwicklung

Mit QUIBIS EDI und QUIBIS X400 bieten wir paketierte Produktlösungen für EDI-Integrationsszenarien an. Darin haben wir unsere Erfahrungen, Best-Practices und wiederverwendbaren Komponenten einer Vielzahl von EDI-Projekten gebündelt. 

Gleichbedeutend, ob diese als Lösung im Standard (ohne Eigenentwicklung) eingesetzt werden oder als Grundlage für die Entwicklung einer individuellen Lösung. Der Einsatz kann Entwicklungskosten sparen und Projektlaufzeiten signifikant verkürzen.


Advantages for the implementation of EDI solutions with QUIBIQ

  • Development experience with BizTalk Server since the first generation (BizTalk Server 2000)
  • Tested by Microsoft and successful project implementation with high customer satisfaction, which means a guaranteed quality of service
  • Certified product knowledge and technical support directly from Microsoft if it’s necessary
  • High level of competence, which is confirmed by regular participation in the technology adoption program (TAP) and rewarded as most valuable contributor for the BizTalk Server
  • Knowledge about the newest development, features and tools by the membership in Microsoft Connected Systems Advisory Board (responsible for the coming BizTalk Server)
  • Better, faster and more efficient solutions