Why QUIBIQ for your
EAI solution:

  • Development experience with BizTalk since the first generation (2000)
  • Tested by Microsoft, successful Project implementation with high customer satisfaction 
  • Certified product knowledge 
  • Various awards 
    (for example: as Most Valuable Contributor for BizTalk Server)
  • EAI solutions which better, faster and more efficient


Become more agile with an ESB based on BizTalk Server

The most important step to an equalized, modularized expandable IT landscape in companies and company networks is a more targeted, more structured and location-independent access on services and applications. The respective application and service solutions should be reused in different contexts and without any problems. The adaption of processes or new modular structures in organizations should be realized really quick and efficient.

BizTalk Server as glue ware for the service oriented structure of all your IT systems

With an Enterprise Service Bus, QUIBIQ offers customizable, extensible and flexible ESB solutions, that are implemented the concept of service-oriented architecture and provided as a bus structure in the company. Therefore, business processes can be bundled, automated and integrated in the required systems.

Federated Service Bus for the extension of Enterprise Connectivity in the Cloud

The Enterprise Connectivity of a Service Bus doesn’t end at the firewall of a company nowadays. For competitive agility you will require your extension in the cloud. The solution for that is a Federated Service Bus.

In a Federated Service Bus, two (or more) ESBs will be set up: on the one hand on premise and on the other hand in the cloud. For the connection of both to a Federated Service Bus exist two models:

  • brokered Federation: one of the connected ESBs is the 'master' and provides the routing services, the other one uses them above the so called bridges
  • connected Federation: both ESBs dispose of their own service registries and make themselves mutually available