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Classic application integration

Efficient linking of local applications via BizTalk Server

Flexible businesses require flexible IT. The simple, agile creation of connections between applications, databases and traditional systems within an enterprise demands an efficient application integration platform:

  • EAI: Data and business process integration via BizTalk as a central integration server
    • Applications are connected to the BizTalk Server by means of adapters
    • Processes are flexibly controlled via orchestrations
    • Maps are used to map data formats onto each other
  • ESB: Service-oriented integration of applications using BizTalk in an enterprise service bus architecture
    • Encapsulation of connected systems according to SOA principles
    • Messaging via the central bus
    • Dynamic routing and mapping

Your advantages

EAI and ESB solutions from QUIBIQ based on BizTalk Server

We realise your EAI and ESB solution based on our many years of experience on a suitable, tried-and-tested, robust and sustainable architecture for the BizTalk Server. We adapt this architecture to your specific needs. This makes it possible for you to open up the great advantages of EAI quickly and efficiently and give you security with respect to the long-term quality of your solution:

  • This allows different systems to be integrated into operational processes faster and at lower expense.
  • As a result, you obtain an efficient use of your company resources (reuse of applications and functions).
  • Business processes are thereby mapped completely.
  • Direct access to relevant real-time data allows for faster, better decisions and shorter process durations.


QUIBIF - The QUIBIQ Business Integration Framework

Implement custom BizTalk solutions based on best practices faster

For a quick start with ready-made, flexibly adaptable solution components that have been tried and tested in many projects.

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QUIBIF consists of 

  • Best practice architecture 
    for integration solutions based on Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Best practice components 
    that can be used on a modular basis for a large number of tasks within your own solution
    • Monitoring 
    • Manage metadata 
    • Error handling 
    • Manage notifications
    • Define configuration values 
    • Define queues
    • Assign numbering rules
  • Questionnaires and checklists for each step of the way towards your own solution




QUIBIF offers advantages for various groups

  • Developers
    can save a lot of time in implementation and gain security through the use of tried-and-tested, robust components
  • Administrators
    can efficiently secure the operation of your BizTalk Server environment and find and solve errors more quickly
  • Users
    obtain a needs-based overview of their messages and can track their history online
  • Businesses
    enjoy the benefits of robust, field-tested architectures, shorter project durations and complete solutions

Why BizTalk Server?

BizTalk Server for your EAI and ESB solution:

  • EAI and ESB on a single platform:
    BizTalk gives you the right architecture for your requirements
  • Price/performance ratio:
    According to Gartner, BizTalk-Server is the value leader among integration servers
    Range of features: BizTalk has all the relevant features for EAI and ESB (from the SAP adapter to reliable messaging to the high-performance Orchestration Engine) – as part of the standard product without added costs
    Price: Microsoft offers attractive licensing options for under €10,000
  • Development in .Net with Visual Studio:
    Your .Net developers can start working with it immediately after a training course
  • Flexibility:
    Operation possible on-premises and in the cloud
  • Future security:
    Microsoft has presented a strong roadmap for the BizTalk Server. To ensure that you can still integrate tomorrow what you want to connect with your existing systems of today.


QUIBIQ for your EAI and ESB solution:

  • Product experience:
    • Development with BizTalk Server since the first generation (2000)
    • Gold certified: product expertise certified by Microsoft
    • Various awards (e.g. Most Valuable Contributor for BizTalk Server)
  • Project experience:
    Successful project implementations with high customer satisfaction tested by Microsoft 
    • >500 projects
    • >18 years 
  • Developer capacity:
    >70 developers at 5 locations
  • Full service:
    All services required for your solutions from one source
    • Consulting
    • Development
    • Training
    • Support
  • Framework:
    Framework tried and tested multiple times for developing robust individual solutions
    • Shorter development times
    • Lower project costs



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